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With years of experience, a desire for success, and an entrepreneurial mindset, Business and More launched its operations in the UAE to provide entrepreneurs and all business startups with innovative business strategies and thoughtful economic consultations to help them overcome challenges and create bold solutions to all kinds of obstacles they might face. Our company has a team of capable veterans and professionals in the field of economic, financial and legal consultation. Our team is ambitious, persistent, always seeks to develop itself and enrich its experiences by adopting the latest and most effective strategies in the business world, all to provide our customers with practical and appropriate ways for any goal they seek to reach. At Business and More, our clients can get the best aid through our list of unique services such as consultancy, business setup, accounting, auditing of accounts, and many more. We ensure to provide our clients with swift, pioneer, and professional solutions. We at Business and More aid our clients to integrate their communication and leadership with their business strategy and corporate culture, resulting in goal-oriented impact at all levels of their organization.
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