Nadine Attalah

“Businesses need help, but sometimes find themselves stuck at certain points or lost with the many required steps and procedures or find themselves in need of many resources, from small assets such as phones and gadgets to larger assets such as office space and of course the professional requirements of accountants, lawyers, strategists and many more. This is where a business consulting service can make a positive difference.
We at Business & More, pride ourselves with our effective communication, planning and management skills. Our team of experts cultivated years-worth of experience that are able to spot risks and identify key areas of effective resources and time management. We work with business owners to help them grow their revenue, increase their impact and head towards the correct path of growth. Our business and financial services are designed with one goal in mind; to help you become successful.

 Therefore, we stand side by side with entrepreneurs and small business owners to align their personal and professional messages and build the company’s narrative as well as partner with large organizations who are looking to grow further. With our holistic approach, we can save you money by helping you avoid penalties, fines, and financial pitfalls.”